It's Time For A Change

Did you know that the average response time to a 911 call for law enforcement is nearly 10 minutes? For emergency medical services, nearly 15 minutes. In a crises situation these times are an absolute lifetime and serviced from a system that was created nearly 50 years ago….yes, ….long before the technologies that we have today.

Watch An Actual 911 Call Reality

At the core of SAFE4R is the SAFE4R Safety Net. This Safety Net is an ever-growing community of users connected together in the application based on relationship and proximity. It is created to combine the massive new world of social connectivity to an incredible array of technology features that serve to keep every user SAFE4R than ever before.

Massacre at Texas school

One of the deadliest school shooting happened at Rob elementary school in Texas on May 24 2022. With SAFE4R so many things could have been different. Transparency with what was really happening INSIDE the school would have been immediate and real time. Parents and other "witnesses" from the app would have been immediately notified and able to give first hand information to law enforcement and so much more.

Our Perspective

There is true power in the safety in numbers.

Social Support

The power of a single witness or quick responder is incredible, but Imagine if your pool of potential witnesses or quick responders was hundreds or thousands of ordinary people connected by a common belief that there is truly safety in numbers and that we can be much SAFE4R … TOGETHER!!

“We Cannot Stand Idly By Anymore And Do Nothing”

Our mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends, and those we love and care about are potential victims of crimes and medical emergencies every minute of every day. It is amazing how impactful a quick responder can be when someone is experiencing a medical crisis or is experiencing a medical crisis or is the victim of something unethical, immoral, or criminal. It’s shocking to hear how many criminals abandoned their intentions just because they saw a potential Witness approaching or simply watching what was going on.

Our Goal

We want to create the world’s largest community of aware, vigilant, assertive, and reactive witnesses and responders to help in the ability to rapidly respond to medical emergencies and any wrong doings that can be harmful and potentially life changing to others.

Let's Create The Largest
Social Protection
Safety Net In The World

SAFE4R is about safety in numbers. Its about communities of ordinary people who become the eyes, ears, reporters, and responders for each other. The larger the community becomes the more expansive the reach and the more powerful the network is. We are all in this TOGETHER! Please, be sure to invite ALL of your friends from your contacts, social networks, etc… to join you as your witness in SAFE4R.

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